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Route 66: 1x16 Fly Away Home (Part One) 3/3
Route 66

Christina's show is finished for the evening, and she goes to her car.

Buz is waiting.  It's a good thing we know Buz isn't a creep, because, you know, young, hot-blooded man she turned down, who had a touch of desperation about him - I wouldn't want to find him by my car in the small hours of the morning. 

Buz says he has one thing to say, and then he'll leave her alone!

She says she doesn't want to hear it, because he seems like a nice enough boy, and she'll just lose her temper.

He says he'd like to help, and it may be none of his business, but the more he gets around the more he realizes that everything is everyone's business.

He says if she ever needs any help, she can get in touch with him! 

And she looks suitably grateful... or unconvinced.

Tod took my advice and found his own fun. 

He and Christina dance around for a bit. 

Buz walks in, sees the situation, and beats the roommate retreat. 

Alas, Tod was hoping Buz wouldn't make it back this evening.

Now he's stuck outside for awhile!  Poor man. I'm sure Buz would be happy enough springing for separate rooms, but Tod probably thinks that the money they're saving is worth the fact that one of them often has to spend a while in a hotel hallway, lobby, or maybe even the car. 

"Not listening through the door la la do I have a cigarette la la la..."

Dora shows up and demands the key.  Buz says they're just dancing, but Dora is insistent. 

I like how he's trying to telegraph with every fiber of his being that this is so not his fault.

Tod spies Buz and the maternal menace. 

Buz shrugs at him.  Dora scowls.

Spoiling our fun!

Dora demands to know where Summers is.  She asks if she should explain the reason Vicky might know where he is "in front of these boys".  Creepy!  Then it gets creepier because Dora asserts that her daughter knows all the back alleys, and she wants to know which one she left Summers lying in. 

Vicky has no idea, and how dare her mother interrupt "with [her] filthy mouth."

Dora hauls off and slaps her.

And Tod winces.  I just saw an episode where Tod spanks a fully-grown woman.  He has no place to comment here, even with his face.  Shut up, Tod's face.

Buz is saddened by this state of affairs too.

Dora is horrified that she's sunk so far as to slap her daughter!  And Vicky runs off.

Buz says Vicky forgot her shoes. 

Dora asks Tod if he still wants the job. 

Yes, they do!  Dora says they start as soon as they can find Summers and bring him to the field.

Dun... dun dun?

Cut to the latest in a line of stops the boys have been making, searching for Summers.  Tod demands that Buz go in this time. 

Another little montage, which ends with a discussion in the Corvette.  Suddenly, Buz has this brilliant idea that Christina might know where Summers goes!  I'd have called her first, maybe?  Before I wasted a few hours scouring bars?  They do have all of Phoenix to cover.

So Buz calls Christina.  "Where does he go when he gets stoned?"  ... Check the snack aisles of every 7-11 in town!

Christina says they should leave him alone.

Buz convinces her.  She says when he gets troubled, he goes out and jumps.  By which she means parachutes.  He wonders why people around him sometimes die!  Seriously, dude, take up chess or long division by hand or something.

So now Tod and Buz have to call every... uh... parachute place? in the city.  There probably aren't that many.  (Presumably the frost will be occurring during the coldest part of the night, like, just before dawn?  Or really any time the surface area of the plants drops below freezing.  So it might have already happened, if it's really cold... but it hasn't happened yet, so they're still valiantly struggling.)

They locate the parachuting service that agreed to let him jump in the middle of the night.  The man says that he should be "over the Beckinridge Foothills" right about this time, because that's where Summers said he wanted to jump.  Because of "more cross winds". 

The man checks his watch and says that according to the chartered flight plan, he should be over the Beckinridge Foothills right about now.

Indeed!  There's the plane.

And there is Summers, waiting to jump, and hopefully a little less drunk than when he staggered to the night club earlier. 

Awesome away!

That's his parachute, actually, which makes it obvious that this is a tinted daytime shot, but you can pretend it's the full moon. 

He stares at the moon and finds peace.

I don't know anything about this, so maybe it's easier than I think:  Tod and Buz head to the Beckinridge Foothills.  It's apparently a small enough area that they're able to track the plane - at night, no less - and then track Summers's landing, despite the preponderance of cross winds, so that he lands not fifty feet from the Corvette.

They watch Summers land and drag in his parachute.  Buz is trying not to be impressed.

They stare silently. 

Summers does a call-back. "I have a feeling I could stand here for ten minutes and neither of you would say a word." 

"There must be some reason for you being here."  (Also: "Good thing you boys showed up!  I don't seem to have made any arrangements for after I jumped.  I'd have had to walk home!"

Tod tells him that the deal was that if they found Summers, they could have jobs. 

Summers asks how old Tod is.
  Tod says he's 24. 

So, how long did Tod hang around New York before they hit the road?  About a year?  Let's say he did three years at university (because he says he spent three years at university in "The Swan Bed"), which would have made him 18/19-21/22.  And then, generously, let's say they've been on the road about a year.  He could have just turned 24 - no, because he's about to have a birthday in the episode after Part 2.  Well, we could do this all night.  It doesn't really matter, I guess.  And later the story changes anyway.  It does tell us that the birthday he celebrates two episodes from now is his 25th, anyway! 

Summers says that Tod is too young to die.  "Everybody does, except me."  He tells him he's a jinx, but it's Tod's decision!

So they all pile into the car.

And it's off to save some crops!


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