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Route 66: 1x17 Fly Away Home Part Two (3/3)
TTOI rolling quotes

The next day!  Tod and Buz are loading some chemicals into the plane's bay. 

Buz almost wipes his face with his glove. 

Tod freaks out.  "Don't touch your face!"

Buz keeps forgetting that it's poisonous.  His mind is probably still on last night!  Tod stares at him for awhile.

Buz knows that Tod is dying to ask, so he should just ask. 

Tod already knows, though, that Christina isn't just another girl!

Buz says no, she isn't! 

It's important talking time so Tod sits down.  Tod asks if she's into it as well, and how old she is.

Buz doesn't care!

Tod says it's not so much age, but her history.  It's not the age, it's the mileage!  A coarser person might make some joke about the tread on the tires, but I am not coarse.  I am smooth as marble and sophisticated as a waistcoat and fob watch. 

Buz again doesn't mind about her history. 

So Tod considers it settled.  He plans to split all their money fifty-fifty, and then says he'd "fly a grape fruit crate from one end of the valley to the other ten hours a day" to help Buz get started and make Christina smile again.  I think Tod is overestimating how involved he's going to be in this endeavor.  He also expected Buz to be some kind of "insider" in his and Katy's marriage in "The Quick and the Dead".  I'm not entirely sure that's how it works, Tod, but your eagerness is quite cute.

Dora and Summers are in the office.  The blood tests are in!  Summers's blood count is off so he can't go near phosphates for awhile. 

Dora says she has to shut the field down.

"You can't."  He promised Jack that he would keep it running.

Summers finally says he'll go see Russell, then, because they need a contract.  The dreaded sulfur man. 

Dora gets scared and says no!  She even asks Skeets to stop Summers, but he doesn't. 

Dun dun


The sulfur!

Summers asks Tod to give Skeets a hand. 

Buz tries to talk to him.  Summers says they don't need to say anything more!  Also, he's grateful.

Buz has won daddy's approval. 

I'm sure Summers appreciates the votes of confidence, with everyone moping like it's his funeral he's flying to.

Dora even cries.

But Summers is too cool to be swayed.  He's another character that I'd actually watch a spin-off miniseries about.  Him and the counter-intelligence professor from "The Man on the Monkey Board". 

Everyone's still depressed.

Summers flies around for a bit.  Rrrrrr, mrrrrrrrr...

He does a few passes over the field.

Then there's this really conspicuous shot of power lines and a generator/power station.  Hm. Place your bets!

Then the plane snags the power lines!  There's a spark they made by scratching the film.

The field blows up.  Literally!

Some more fiery crashings and explosions.  That opening crash was to ease our guard. 

That wasn't static electricity caused by improper grounding, which was a bit too subtle to manager with the average episode budget, I imagine.   The first time I watched this I thought it was kind of lazy, having him hit a power line, but I shrugged and asked myself what else they were going to do.  On second viewing, I'm wondering if we're meant to take it as a suicide.  Summers arranges things so that Christina will be cared for, he's going to save the business with one last contract, and he's been mostly dead for years and yet still walking around.

Dora is in the office.

Vicky finds her!

Together they cry about Summers and Dora finally admits that her husband is dead.

Dora knew when she watched him fly off, which is why she was crying!  For Summers and her husband and all the men who have died in similar circumstances.  *looks at time code* Buz has seven minutes to break up with Christina. 

Dora says she's done crying.  She's going to build up the business!  I guess insurance money has saved the day. 

Vicky vows to help. 

Russell arrives.

These three are waiting.  I refuse to believe it was his fault, I mean, if it's in any way Russell's fault, they might as well be glaring at Skeet too, because he didn't stop Summers when Dora asked him to. 

"It wasn't my fault," Russell says.

Buz turns.  "Anybody say anything?"

"I didn't hear anything," answers Tod.  Oh, come off it.

He pulls out a check.  He says it's for the whole job, even though it only got about three-quarters... he trails off.

Skeets stalks toward him. 

Russell is run off.  That'll teach him to offer payment to anyone willing to take on dangerous jobs.  Five minutes for Buz to break up with Christinia.  Luckily, she pulls up as Russell drives away. 

Luckily, she pulls up as Russell drives away.  Tod watches Buz go to meet her!

Christina is shaken and horrified and Buz goes to meet her.

She brushes right past him, though!

"I want his boots."  

Buz hesitates. Come on, Buz.  Do your gruff "I'm the man, you listen to me" thing.  I dare you.

Tod, the self-appointed third wheel in their relationship, watches it flounder on the rocks.

He goes to get the boots.  You see?  It's fun to play presumptive, abrupt jerk when it's time for games, but when it's serious, pulling that routine is likely to get your knackers stomped.

Christina asks if anything else survived.

His goggles!  Sort of.

Buz comforts her while thinking, "There, there.  I thought you loved me.  I did everything right!  I was impatient, I ordered you around like a child, why didn't it stick?" 

He says he'll drive her back into town, but she says no.  She wasn't even going to say goodbye.

She wasn't even going to say goodbye?  Buz is hurt, obviously, and nothing more perfectly demonstrates her lack of commitment to their relationship than the idea of her using cut and run tactics.

She says she wouldn't do to him what Summers did to her, that is, bring a past to their relationship that could never be overcome.  Yes, it's not him, it's her.  More cynically, I imagine she couldn't get past losing tall, quiet, assured Summers and having the desperate, somewhat clingy, sometimes really jerk-ish Buz in his place...

Buz tries to convince her it doesn't have to end here!  But it rather does, because for all his efforts and calculated swings between friendly and scary, she's only had eyes for Summers.  

Christina is going to drive off with the boots, probably to take them home and put them on her pillow.

He leans over.  "I love you."  Aw.  That's the first time we've heard him say that, and she doesn't care.

"Goodbye, Buz."

He says "I'll find you."  Oh, please don't.  I was tired of this subplot around the second time we had to watch her sing.* 

Tod can guess what's happening.  He slinks away so he doesn't have to be part of any emotional goings-on.

And Buz looks perturbed, but he doesn't cry like he does when that woman dies in the second season.  In this case, I guess, there's still hope.  

*This isn't the episode's fault, of course.  Fantastically acted.  It just didn't hold me, what with the conclusion being foregone.


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