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Route 66: 1x14 Play It Glissando 2/3
Caillebotte The Luncheon

Tod, Buz, Jana, and Kitty are all hanging out in the precinct as Jana files her complaint.

She says she knows it sounds crazy!

Jana also wants to get in touch with her mother, and she's wondering why no one is answering in Long Island.  She says that at least the cook, chauffeur, or grounds-keeper should be in!

"Why don't you try the townhouse?" Buz asks sarcastically.

Jana says no one would be at the townhouse this time of year.

Buz gives Tod an amused look.

Tod smiles back but if he still had a choice, he wouldn't be caught dead at the townhouse in Manhattan this time of year either.

The detective wants to talk a bit more about accusing her husband of attempted murder.  Jana says she just wants her mother, even if it sounds infantile.

The detective does the "that's a serious accusation" thing but Jana says she's sure he tried to burn the house down, and left keys in a sabotaged car so she would die.

Then the detective gets a call from his superior.  The investigators have determined that the smoke and flames Jana saw were from an electrical short in the wiring behind the wall.  

The detective says that we all do crazy things when we have fights with our spouses.  He's been married fifteen years and has the scars to prove it.  It's normal, I guess, for married people to come away from fights thinking their spouse might be trying to kill them.

He says that a car will take her home.  Jana says she's not going!

*dour look*

Gabe himself bursts in soon after and Jana hides behind Buz.

Gabe seems to be on good terms with the detective.

"She says you locked her in, Gabe.  Anything to it?"
"It's personal, Frank." which is so far from actually answering the question. 

Buz ponders Gabe's explanation for the brakes, which is that the hill they live on burns the brakes out very quickly.

Buz is delighted to be stuck in the middle and Gabe thanks them for assisting his wife!  The implication being "Now clear off."

Gabe says that she's embarrassing him. 

Gabe looks set to drag Jana home, but Buz notices she's shaking. 

Tod says "Could be she's scared."  When Laura acted the exact same way when Woody was around in "Sheba", he was eager to believe it was a big misunderstanding.  I guess they learned their lesson!

The boys offer to take Jana home.  To her house. 

But that doesn't happen, instead, she somehow convinces them to take her to their suite.  Buz's narration says that she latched on to them.

Tod offers to shut the patio drapes, but Jana wants them open, so they can see Gabe sneaking up on them. 

She pulls out a gun.

Milner tries his hand at "vague, disapproving surprise".  He's not mad, he's disappointed.

"How about a fire?" asks Buz.

"Yeah, or... maybe a drink!" Tod adds.  

Buz builds a fire as Jana tells them about her lonely life.

Jana explains that Gabe put her on a pedestal and built an ivory tower around it, and it's all lonely. 

Jana says that people call her mad, and insist they wouldn't need family or friends or any of that if they were married to the famous Gabe Johnson.

Buz says he'd know a lot of chicks who would jump at that chance. 

Jana says it was fine, initially!  But then she found out Gabe was hardly human.  She goes on about the artistic soul, the creative fires, and how frightening and otherworldly it can all be.  Also, how he's a jealous, overbearing jerk.

She vows she's escaping him this time, even if she has to use the gun.

Buz narrates that she sat there all night.  Now it's the next morning.

The boys are going out for a morning windsurfing or sailing session.

But then Buz says Tod should go ahead, and he'll stay with Jana in case she completely flips out.  So why is he dressed in his skintight black briefs?  Fan service?  Note to producers:  Thank you!  Do you, uh... do you want a tip?  *takes bill out of wallet*

Tod drops the subject momentarily to admire the view.

Tod says it's been a long time since he's been on a downwind course in a sailboat.

Tod says he'll be back in about an hour to stand guard over "Ma Barker", and then Buz can take his turn! 

Buz says no thanks, because he can't actually steer a sailboat, and he'd end up in China and who needs that?

"They need you!  You could start a whole chain of car washes. ... They're ready for it.  They've already got a whole chain of brain washers, so you make a tie up.  Get your car and your brain washed all at the same time." 

Someone's read The Manchurian Candidate.

Buz just nods at Tod's anti-Chinese sentiment and tells him to "Tote the barge." 

Tod sails off and waves.

Buz waves back.  Then he hears trumpet music.

Buz runs toward the apartment, concerned about Jana.

"Is he up there with you?" I love that Buz thinks Gabe would announce his presence by sinisterly playing his trumpet at them or something.  Though he is crazy, maybe he would do it to torment Jana.
"Yeah, on stereo."  Kitty demands that Buz comes and eat breakfast with her.

Buz tries to convince Jana to come along, but says she has to leave the gun if she wants orange juice.  Breakfast, like fresh air, cures all ills. 

Regarding the music, Buz says that it's just Kitty upstairs with one of Gabe's albums.

Duh, thinks Jana, scarcely able to credit how dumb Buz must think she is.  She wants to know what time it is in New York.

Gabe is lurking around!  He either followed them, or perhaps the boys had to give their current address, and since he's all buddy-buddy with Frank the detective, he got the information that way.

Kitty tells Buz that he is being taken in, and it's all an act.  She mocks Jana for awhile.

Buz says what upset him was watching Jana call her supposed friends, who wouldn't give her the time of day. 

Kitty distracts him from feeling sorry for Jana by making overtures. 

Jana takes the striped elevator car, and we know something's going to happen because we linger on it moving up the tracks.

Yep! It lurches to a stop.

And Gabe opens the door.

It's a little game they play, apparently.  He tries to kill her, she tries to leave him, and the make-up sex is fantastic.  I think this is one of those "oh look, they really do love each other" sort of things, but Susan Atkins really loved Charles Manson and people like bin Laden and Hussein have families who love them, and there are probably plenty of girls in North Korea who fancy Kim Jong-Il so, you know, "love" is not necessarily a Get Out of Jail Free card.

Jana wants to know that she was wrong about the brakes!  Also, that she tried to call a bunch of her old friends, but "when mother cuts you off, you're cut off from the ankles".

They sit down to talk like adults.  Gabe says he loves it when they're in their own universe, just him and her. 

She hates being so isolated, so he agrees to be less possessive.

Done and dusted, then!  It should be clear sailing from here on out for these two.  They decide to go home.

Then Jana gets paged and goes to pick up the courtesy phone.

It's her mother's attourney, Henry!  And how is her mother?

Oh dear, a telling reaction shot.

Her mother's dead, very dead.

Gabe says he didn't want to let Jana know, because she'd go back to all that money.  I thought her mother cut her off?  I guess her mom didn't bear the grudge to the will-changing bitter end.

That's the last straw (any reasonable person would think, anyway), and Jana tells Gabe that if she ever sees him again, she'll kill him!

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