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Route 66: 1x17 Fly Away Home (Part Two) 1/3
Route 66

That whole build-up to a desperate night flight to save the crops happened while we weren't looking.  Now it's the next day or something, and Summers taking deep, contented breaths, satisfied with the world.

Buz says "Just so there's no hard feelings..."  They fought about something, apparently!  We missed that too.  Buz has bought Tod a present.

It's a silk "muffler"!  It's a scarf.

Buz explains that every pilot needs a silk muffler.  It shows confidence and status!

Aw, Tod loves his present.  And Buz.  He'll sit through fifteen more hours of Buz lusting after an unattainable woman, the muffler more than makes up for it.

Tod puts it on.  "How's my status?"

"Quo, man, quo."  Buz twists it and throws it over his shoulder so he looks like a proper flyboy. 

Tod gives him the 20-something between-males version of a hug, which is putting your wrist and hand around someone and patting their back.

Summers is watching.  No man has ever bought him anything silk and then helped him slip it on.  He's never seen such a fey display in his rugged, manly life.

What? thinks Tod.  Just because you don't have any friends or feelings.

Summers asks if there's anything he can say to get Tod to walk way.

Tod says nope!  He doesn't believe Summers is a jinx.  He walks under ladders and isn't afraid of broken mirrors or black cats.  This is bravado in the sunlight, because I remember a man who practically crumbled into hysterics because some pretty "psychic" lady had convinced him he was going to kill Buz in "Only By Cunning Glimpses".

Summers says that's a foolish way to go about things!

And Buz... it's not clear if he can hear their conversation or not, but he thinks and looks pensive.

Martin Milner is 100% pure, unadulterated, fresh-faced Americana. 

Buz waves.  They grow up so fast!  *sniff*

The surly Skeet is painting little strips of paper and Mrs. Windus arrives.  The mechanic tells her not to worry.  She says she's not, since her husband taught him to fly.

Summers can feel Tod enjoying himself and turns around to give him a glare.  This is Serious Business.

Summers sends them into some loops and dives to wipe the smile from his face!

It works as intended and now Tod is looking a bit peaky. 

They land!

Mrs. Windus relaxes.

Buz runs up to meet them, and Summers climbs out.  He says Buz should get some soap and a hose.  Gross. 

Tod slides out of the plane and gives Buz a look. 

He says he knows why they wear the scarves! To throttle people who lack all sympathy and laugh at them.

Buz grins happily. 

So Tod hurls his scarf at him.

I'm incapable of NOT capping cuteness.  It just bypasses every cynicism circuit and I go "eeeee they are adorable" and my fingers hit the cap buttons and then you get to share my joy.

Buz drags Tod to his feet with the scarf and tells him to walk it off.  Tod staggers away, leaving Buz to clean up the pukey interior.  Maybe that's what a swamper is. 

In the hanger building, Summers finds Dora working and makes a cup of tea.  If she weren't still unhealthily fixed on her dead husband, I'd say she's clearly got a thing for the tall, elegantly-limbed Summers.  Who wouldn't?  He's a bit old for me, but do your best, sweetie! 

She says she hates the condescension that she gets whenever her loan requests are rejected.

Summers says the boy's all right!  Steady hands. 

He leaves, and Mr. Russell, the man on the radio in the previous episode, makes an appearance. He follows Dora and pesters her to take his dusting contract.

He says he already asked lots of other people.  Dora's the only one who can't afford to reject him. 

She still doesn't want to dust with sulfur.  And he won't convince her!

Mr. Russell says it's safe, as long as your planes are properly grounded.  "Just because Jack got a tough break..."

Ouch, man!  Dora says if he wants the job done, he should ask her husband.

Mr. Russell is understandably confused.

Dora says "Say it.  He's not dead.  He got out."  Like DB Cooper!

Oh, here I thought it was just a kind of... she knows he's dead but she's clinging to his memory thing, like setting the table for someone who has passed away as a ritual of remembrance, but she insists he's somewhere healing and any day he'll be back. 

Russell now wants to escape because she's got a bolt loose.  He opens the door for her.

"Don't you be mannerly with me, Tom Russell!  I'm no widow to be pitied."

Skeet watched that whole exchange.  Russell comes over and asks how long it's been since he was last paid.

Skeet says that is none of his business. Russell tries his "tough break" stuff again, and insists it could have happened to anyone.  Skeet says it could only happen to a crop duster dusting with sulfur, and it shan't happen again!

Summers has tea and manly sympathy for Tod. 

He tells Tod the story of his first time he got tea from the ground crew while his Spitfire was refuelled after his first scramble.  He was all scared and then a girl came out with the tea trolley, and was wearing overalls with flower print, and magically his fears vanished.

Tod gazes at him adoringly.  He's so desperate for a replacement father. 

Summers is a bit embarrassed that he shared so much, and says it must be a sign of senility, recalling past memories.

Tod is awestruck, like everyone, and smiles very cutely. 

It's night time, and Christinia is indecisively loitering around a motel porch.

Christina decides to knock.

Inside, Tod and Buz are sleeping!  Buz is stuck on the couch because they couldn't afford a double room. 

Buz finally wakes up and goes to the door.  "Who is it?"

"Buz," Christina says in a sultry tone.  Buz thinks "Wait, I'm Buz."

Some humorous music as he tries to put his pants on instead of his shirt, and finally gets it right. 

He opens the door and the music gives us a romantic trill. 

Christina asks him if he minds rattling old bones.  It sounds less suggestive in the episode.  But not much.

Buz is dancing a jig inside, because he thinks she's changed her mind about undying love for her ex husband.  He's up for rattling anything she'd like!  She says she'll be in the car.

Visions of sugar plums dance in his head. 

Cut to them strolling along.  Buz looks so disappointed that they didn't immediately jump into the sack so he could show the cougar what a tiger he is.  Look at his face!  "Bleh."

Christina says she envies the normal people who go to sleep at night. 

They stop in front of a crib display.  *robot voice* Danger!  Danger, Buz Murdock! 

She asks if he saw Summers at the hanger today, and what did they talk about.

Buz is still terrified by the proximity of the crib.  He says they talked about flying.  She's barking up the wrong tree.  Tod is the one with whom Summers is slowly bonding. 

She says "It's not working, is it?" meaning there's no chemistry. 

Buz says "Don't rush it!"

But she says she just wanted to talk with him because he's a link to her ex-husband.

"That's the trouble with men and women.  For somebody to win, somebody has to lose."  Ah, the zero-sum fallacy. I disagree, but if that's the axiom from which all your other ideas about gender relations proceed... hey, Silliphant is starting to make sense to me.  Anyway, they're standing in front of the sort of ultimate expression of male and female relations.

No sugar plums for Buz.  She says she won't bother him any more. 

Buz says he can take it!  All of her problems.  She says he's too young!  And she and Summers are inexorably linked, like a chain that can never be broken.

She looks in the window. 

Off of the display, Buz says, "Christina.  That's not penny candy."  He means... all right, I don't know.  It's not cheap?  It's not... frivolous?  It's not easy?  The metaphor escapes me.

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