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Route 66: 1x17 Fly Away Home Part Two (2/3)
Route 66

The next day!  Summers is cramming last-minute review into Tod's head. Tod is wearing Buz's gift-scarf!  Aw!

Buz is pulling mechanic duty.

As Tod climbs into the plane, Buz decides he has to speak to Mr. Summers! 

He says he wants to make a speech!  A personal speech.

Tod knows this never ends well.  "What are you up to now?" he thinks.  "We have a good thing going!  Please don't screw it all up." 

Buz starts out with some false modesty.  "I don't know what to say or whether there's anything to be said..." Is it because he's taller than you, Buz?  Buz isn't usually meek.  Anyway. Buz asks Summers how he thinks Christina is supposed to break away from him!  He thinks Summers is leading her on. 

Heh, Summers is really tall.  And Richard E. Grant-proportioned.

Summers observes that Buz certainly has a lot to say on the subject.

Buz says Christina knocks him out, and maybe she's out of his league, and he's basically portrayed as the underdog with the endearing tenacity and chivalry. But "that doesn't stop me from fighting her battles." 

Summers calmly thanks Buz for caring, and gets into the plane!

Buz is baffled as to why that didn't have the intended effect, that is, bringing the issue to a physical contest, which is how he usually fights battles and wins things.  Not going to work with this guy, Buz!  Uh oh!  What now? 

Buz is left wondering what measure is a man, if not how hard he can punch?  He's unsettled because he might have to pick up one of those book things Tod is always staring at to find out.

Vicky is on the war path.  She drives very angrily to the hanger.

She finds Skeet and demands to know where Dora is.

He doesn't answer, so she slaps him and says that Dora didn't come home last night.

He asks how she would know, when she rarely gets in before dawn herself!

She tries to slap him again.

Then she demands that he show more respect.  Skeet says that when her father was alive, he'd have bashed any man who said anything about her!  But now she's not worth respecting.

She complains  that he doesn't know how much she's worth, but he says she won't score any points around here with any of the menfolk.  He grabs her to possibly take his turn slapping her, but then Dora pulls up. 

Vicky was worried! 

Dora says she was out trying to get contracts. 

Vicky says she needs a dress to impress Tod, and she hasn't forgiven her mother (?) for making Tod think "..." She trails off, but I believe she meant to say "making him think I'm a total slag."  I don't know that Tod cares.  If he does, Mr. "knows enough about girls to never tell the current one about previous conquests", then he's got that unattractive double-standard thing going on. 

Dora says she can't give Vicky any money to go shopping, because they've scarcely got enough money to buy fuel for the next month.  If they can't get contracts, then they're going to have to close the business. 

Vicky is all for that, and thinks they should have done it last year.  When her father died!

Vicky says that her father is definitely dead!  And Summers the jinx is still here.  "You know it's because of him that daddy's dead."

Vicky says she only pretended to be interested in Summers to get him to talk.  Nice!  I bet that was creepy as all get-out.  She says she found out that he's dark and evil.

Dora says Summers was her father's best friend. 

Vicky says that they'll foreclose, and Dora will have to admit her father is dead, and until then, Vicky shan't be her daughter.

"You go look for your father in every man you meet, child.  I've quit trying to stop you." 

Daddy replacement issues for everyone in this episode, apparently!  Vicky was 18 when her dad died.  It's not like she lacked a fatherly presence in her life, like if he had died when she was five or something.  Tod was 20 or so, but he's looking at Summers with "Will you be my daddy?" eyes too.  And Buz... the jury is still out, but I bet it's all Freudian.  He wants Christina, with mommy issues entailed, and that would make Summers the father that boys want to compete with or destroy.  Or whatever. 

Tod, Buz, and Vicky head out for the evening.  Buz insists that they get separate tables.  There are all sorts of unsavory potential reasons for this, but let's not go there. 

They sit down!

Then Buz sits down.

I'm not entirely certain who they're talking about.  Vicky says "Let him be antisocial.  Who needs him?  You're the one who knows how to take off."

"I thought he could have one drink with us.  It isn't every day I fly solo."  I thought they were talking about Summers, like, maybe Tod had invited him out in an attempt to penetrate his wall of solitude, but Tod is looking at Buz.  I guess Buz... doesn't want to celebrate... that Tod has learned to crop dust solo.  And Tod is irked by this, because Buz isn't sufficiently fluffing his ego.  The scarf was a step in the right direction, but Tod believes he warrants more adoration than that.

Now Christina starts singing again.  We get constant reaction shots of Buz to hammer home that the songs that she sings reflect her inner state of being! The lyrics are about someone being a friend and not a lover and wishing them well!  So, yeah.

Settling in, settling in.

Buz looking content.  More singing.

Tod cannot keep his amused eyes off of Buz.  Watching him pine away is better entertainment.

And the song still goes on.  Oh look!  Summers is in the audience. 

*clap, clap, clap* 

After the show!  Buz waits by someone's car.  He pats himself down for matches for his cigarette.  He hasn't got any, alas. 

A hand jumps into frame and a lighter sparks to life.

The camera pans and reveals Summers and the music does a "twang!" of surprise, but who else was it going to be?  Come on.

"Purifies, you know.  The flame."  Yep, and these cigarettes, too!  They've very cool in your T zone.

"There was a time when they burned witches, but in our century, only pilots."  And firemen.  And other people who do dangerous work because it's the right thing to do.  But this is about pilots, let's not get off-message. 

Summers says he has "often wondered if there's any connection, witches, broomsticks, pilots, airships..."  Often! 

Earlier, when Buz said something about Tod not demeaning himself to "fly over a cabbage patch with a squad of witches", he apparently stumbled upon something Summers has long pondered.  And Summers tried to make some sense out of it, but he couldn't.  Summers is probably smarter than me, so if he couldn't figure out what Buz meant either, I don't feel so bad.  Or Silliphant realized that "in our century we only burn pilots" and the talk of witches sounded good but didn't mean a whole hell of a lot, so he's having Summers lampshade it so clever clogs recappers don't ask questions.

I'm looking forward to seeing if he can illustrate some connection later that will serve to make the analogy meaningful instead of pretentious.  He's got 21 minutes.  Go for it!

Summers asks Buz about himself.  Buz asks what he means.  Summers wants to know what sort of fellow he is!  What is Buz about?

It's endearingly obvious that no one has ever asked Buz that question before.  No one has ever said "What do you want?  Who are you, who do you want to be?"  (Summers doesn't want an answer like "Elvis", he wants an answer akin to "Strong, adventurous, supportive.")  Buz gets defensive.  He asks why.

Summers says it's important!  Buz asks him what he is, then, and Summers sums himself up.  He doesn't want to hurt or be hurt, he's lean and thoughtful and flies around in the sky to escape.  Buz's turn!

Buz has never thought about this, again, because no one has ever cared enough to ask.  He says he's still figuring things out and moving around. 

Poor Buz is not very self aware, but seems to think he has perfect omniscience about other people.  He claims he knows all about Christina.

Then Summers asks if Buz wants to love her!

Buz says he doesn't know her that well and suddenly doesn't want to talk about it.  But Summers gets him to admit that he would like to love her.  "Then take her," says Summers, "Take her as I did a long, long time ago."  Summers's choice of words has just stuck a nametag on Buz, and it says HELLO MY NAME IS OEDIPUS.

We get that Summers is everyone's daddy, we do, but Summers has to say it anyway.  "I sound like a father advising a son in law."  Very droll, sir.

Now Summers gives Buz further advice.  He must take Christina on impulse!  And sweep her away before she can analyze and think about it too much.  "Before she decides you're too considerate, too understanding."  I hate those things too.  I'm waiting for the right man to knuckle-walk in, carry me to the top of the Empire State building, and rule me with his big hairy ape fist.  The one I'm with now is into conversations and common interests and all that stuff.  What a great girl's blouse he is.

It would be fine if he left had left it there, about Christina, but he starts generalizing to all women. "[A woman] has to be pursued, captured.  This is her nature and this is her destiny.  And the man who acts, not talks, is the man who rules her."  Again, this is probably perfectly true in Christina's case, and there are women out there whose psyche operates on the same rails.  I'm not going to judge, everybody should do their own thing. But, like, you know how you sometimes have to interact with different men differently, because they've got personalities and ideas and feelings and individuality and stuff?  Pro tip!  Women have all those things too.  And the assuming jerks of the world don't need any help.

Summers tells Buz how they got together.  He pulled some helicopter stunt while she was singing.  He landed on the stage and picked her up and put her in the helicopter and asked her to marry him, and she agreed. 

Buz asks why Summers stopped loving her. 

"Did I say I stopped?" 

Summers wanders off, and Buz now has something to think about!

So now Buz is going to be all terse and manly.  He was being friendly before, pledging that he was willing to listen if she needed to talk.   Now Summers has made him see that that is totally gay.  Unfortunately, most women are going to see that he was just given the "they get keener as you get meaner" line by some macho lonely man and much stifled giggling will be had at the sudden about-face.  I think this is what Silliphant is going for.

She arrives after her show and he doesn't greet her.  He says, "I'm driving."

"Where?" she asks. 

He doesn't answer.  Withholding information is sexy, you see.  He opens the door.  "Get in."

Okay, now she's getting in.  She's slow about it so he says "We're going to be late!"  For what?  Her show ends in the small hours after midnight.  What pressing engagement can you possibly have at two in the morning?

She asks where they're going.  She thought of that too, apparently. Buz says nothing.

"I asked you a question."

He leans over and kisses her.

She puts up some token resistance.  "I told you, I'm not used to..." and then the kissy kissing resumes.

Kiss kiss.

Summers looks on in agony.  Yeah, you're so wise, man, you're a freakin' oracle.  I feel bad for him, of course, because I'm human and cannot look on pain without being moved, but really. 

If the car's a-rocking... What were you going to be late for, again?

More angst.

Next Part: Fly Away Home (Part Two) 3/3


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