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Route 66
Please excuse the interruption, but between school preparations and the fact that BBC's Sherlock has arrested my brain and is currently holding it in a cage of iron bars, I haven't had time to put together another review.  The "written" part is done for the next couple of Route 66 eps but the screen capping takes time.  

(SHERLOCK OH MY GOODNESS It's a contemporary Sherlock Holmes set in 21st century London, and they call each other "Sherlock" and "John" and they blog and they text and it is SO BRILLIANT and it's not a CSI rip-off, it's very Holmsian and very modern and ALL HAIL MARK GATISS AND STEVEN MOFFAT.)

Just so I don't get rusty, have a Sherlock picspam.   No rhyme or reason.  Mild spoilers for "A Study in Pink", but I tried to avoid any really spoileriffic images.  Mostly it's just John and Sherlock running about London, crime solvin' and brotherly bondin'.

Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch's cheekbones.  And hair.  And hands.  And slow-motion friendship walks. 

Our first glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes!  Turn around, bright eyes.  You're upside-down.  I dig your scarf.

He's in a morgue, peering into a body bag, because this series constantly references the One True Canon and we remember that bit about Watson's friend explaining he once saw Holmes beating the corpses in the morgue?

"Let's start with the riding crop."

THWACK!  ... thwackthwackthwack

Whew.  Am I right, girls?  (And guys.)   No jokes go here.  THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING.  Bless you, Gatiss and Moffat.  Bless you.

Sherlock getting excited at a crime scene.  Hands ahoy!

John!  You'll recognize Martin Freeman, Tim from The Office (UK) and Arthur Dent in that big-screen adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  And other stuff, too, no doubt.  He and Sherlock are on stake-out in an Indian restaurant.  He asks Sherlock if he has a girlfriend!  Sherlock does not.  John asks if Sherlock has a boyfriend, then, "which is fine, by the way."

Sherlock thinks it's completely boring that everyone is expected to have one or the other or both.  Go Sherlock.  Moffat and Gatiss have said in interviews that they're certainly adhering to that aspect of canon, Sherlock's asexuality, which is fantastic.  I hate when they turn his thing with Irene Adler into something it wasn't.

Anyway.  Sherlock says "I know it's fine." and ... just... stares for a very long time.  

"So you've got a boyfriend, then?" 
"So you're unattached... like me..." John says kind of awkwardly.

Sherlock thinks John's trying to feel out a potential relationship and looks at him with a kind of "...oh" face.  Poor Sherlock.

"John, erm, I'm flattered, but..."

"No... NO."  John backtracks at about a million miles per hour.  Hah!

Deep in thought, and Cumberbatch sometimes channels Jeremy Brett with every molecule of his being.  Even though he apparently didn't seek out other performances to prepare for the role.  The man, like Brett, must just have been born to play Holmes.   HANDS.  CHEEKBONES.

John is annoyed because Sherlock sent him a text to come home and fetch a number from across the room.   He called for Mrs. Hudson first but she wasn't in.  "I was halfway across London!" 

Beautiful lighting.

Walking over furniture instead of around it.

Hands and hair.  Have I mentioned his hair yet?  It's mad but I adore it.

Becoming friends, after being really unsure of each other!  Well, Sherlock was fine with John.  John didn't know quite what to make of Sherlock until they're giggling and out of breath after a chase.  

Right after this scene, Mrs. Hudson comes and asks Sherlock what he's done [now], because the police are raiding their flat upstairs!

LESTRADE.  Or, as some have taken to calling him, "The Grey Fox."  Lestrade is played by Rupert Graves whom I have loved since The Forsyte Saga.  He's got the drug squad in to blackmail Sherlock into sharing his evidence. 

Lestrade mentions that it ceases to be a "fake" drug bust if they find anything.  He's really amused.

John starts insisting that this is insane, that Sherlock can't possibly be into anything illegal and recreational, because -- in John's words -- "Have you met the man?"  Sherlock, however, is a little nervous!  

He tells John it would be a very good idea to shut up. Now.  (Benedict Cumberbatch, why so beautiful?)

"What... you...?" asks John, surprised.
Sherlock then repeats, rather childishly, "Shut up!"

Sherlock says he's clean!  He doesn't even smoke.  Then he and Lestrade compare their nicotine patches.

HANDS!  Or in this case, FINGERS.  It's all good.  Very, very good. Sherlock and Lestrade bicker.  In the next episode they start bickering and John tries to break it up by calling them girls. 

John is walking down the street when the phone booths start stalking him (they ring as he walks by), and finally he picks one up.  He then meets a mysterious figure in a carpark in the dead of night. 

IT'S MARK GATISS.  The character he's playing wants to pay John to spy on Sherlock.  John says no.  The mysterious man thinks it's interesting, how quickly John has given Sherlock his loyalty.  John says it isn't that.  "I just don't want to."  Yeah, sure.

The end of the episode!  I won't tell you much more about it, because, spoilers.  Let's just enjoy Mr. Cumberbatch's coat and scarf, shall we?



That's his deduction face.

After the climax of the episode happens and Sherlock has had his showdown with the murderer, who has been shot.  Lestrade has arrived and wants to know what happened, and laments that they have no clues as to who might have killed the killer. 

Sherlock says that he has plenty of clues!  Someone who fired an extremely tricky, close shot without hesitation, who is thus a crack shot and acclimated to violence, but someone who didn't fire until Sherlock was in moral peril, so the suspect "has strong moral principles", someone who has "probably done military service", someone with nerves of steel...

This starts to sound familiar to Sherlock, and he looks around...

... And there's John!  Who gives him a smile.

And Sherlock doesn't exactly smile, but he's fascinated.  He tells Lestrade to forget all that he just said.

Sherlock tells him that was a good shot, and asks if he's all right, since he's just killed a man.

John's fine.  "Well.  He wasn't a very nice man."

Sherlock is still fascinated, because he's never had an actual friend before! 

They start laughing and John says "Shh!  You can't giggle, this is a crime scene." 
Sherlock says, "You're the one who shot him." which makes John laugh more.

They get waylaid by Mark Gatiss again.  Okay, spoiler incoming.  I'll print it in white text, so highlight if you wanna know:  Mark Gatiss is Mycroft.  /end of spoiler  Oh, and if you don't wanna know, you don't want to read the end!  Best to leave off here.

He and Sherlock have words about who upset mummy more!  I heart Mark Gatiss.

John can't believe there are two freakishly clever Holmses running around. 

They take their leave, and Mycroft watches them go.

"Interesting, that soldier fellow.  He'll be the making of my brother.  ... Or make him worse than ever."

Mycroft tells his assistant, "We'd better upgrade their surveillance status.  Level three, active." 

"Whose surveillance?"

"Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson."


Sherlock will be premiering in the United States
on PBS starting October 24th as part of Masterpiece Mystery.  So tune in, won't you? :) 

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(Deleted comment)
Heheh, I know what you mean! A lot of iterations have had them as middle-aged men (the fantastic Brett-Burke/later Hardwicke portrayal, the codifying Rathbone-Bruce partnership).

Benedict Cumberbatch is 34 but looks like he's got a portrait in the attic. I guess that's what happens when one lives on a rainy island and never goes out in the sun. (lol)

Thank you! Should have one done today or tomorrow, I hope! :)

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