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Route 66: 1x19 An Absence of Tears 3/3
Route 66

What happened to Donna?  Well, she's already in a cab, heading for the charter fishing business the three killers run.  This cab driver knows her.  We saw him a bit earlier but I didn't include his scene.  

Logic says that he drove her to Rudy's house, and was waiting outside.  That's the only way she could have gotten a cab so fast that Tod and Buz apparently couldn't catch up with her.  That means he was hanging out right outside, too, heard the dog barking, and saw two men go running in, and... did nothing.  Maybe there's a Cab Driver Prime Directive that forbid him from getting involved? Something like, "Whatever Happens, Don't Give a Damn"?

Donna says she wants to go to Ober Associates.

It's closed!

The cab driver doesn't want to leave her alone, but Donna insists the cab driver leave her there.

She prowls around and scratches on the window with her diamond ring.  I thought it was some Zorro-type thing, but she's trying to make sure the glass breaks cleanly.  Or something.  She smashes the window with the butt of her gun and it doesn't shatter anything like the line she drew, so whatever. 

She scrambles in the window!

And now she waits!  For her prey.

The next day, Tod is frantically looking around because his name is attached to a gun that's probably going to be used in a murder or suicide.  He's tracked down the cab driver whom Donna always relies on.  Don't ask how.  No, I said don't ask.  Don't.

Meanwhile, Blinky and Poke let themselves into the office.  I wouldn't mess with them either.  Look at their hats.

They stroll in and have a conversation.  It's very tense.  Will they see Donna?  Fret, fret.

Poke looks around.  He says that something about the office is different.  Oh no!  Will Donna's cover be blown?

He fixates on the water cooler being off-kilter.

He goes to fix it.

Then he peers out the window.  He utterly fails to notice that the window has been smashed in, and the ridiculousness of that drains all tension from the scene, despite the tight, tense music trying to convince me otherwise.  Come on.

A shot of Donna, to remind us what is at stake.  Don't worry, Poke's obviously stupid.

A close encounter!

Donna shoves the screen at them and ambushes them at gunpoint.

She says she's come for REVENGE. Poke and Blinky are utterly silent and Donna claims they can't hide behind silence forever.  Sooner or later they'll move or cough.  She's like the T-rex from Jurassic Park

They're both afeared!

Then Donna gives her motive rant.  She hated the world after her accident!  And without Jack she doesn't have the will to keep on living!  And the hatred is back.  So she's going to shoot them.

Poke starts gibbering.  I'm not sure if he's playing for time or actually falling apart.  It's hard to tell.  But then a third man enters the room.  Donna's obviously not that committed to this whole "kill them all" thing, since she hasn't shot the blubbering man yet.

Tod and Buz arrive, better late than never.

Donna gets jumped by the third man, Poke, and Blinky.  Is the third man the mysterious Chico?

Arf!  Rex does double-duty as an attack dog.

Then Tod and Buz burst in!

Tod runs over to Donna and grabs her without announcing himself.  He doesn't say a single word, but she doesn't react to being touched. I guess she could identify him by smell?

They finish up the fight and still do not announce themselves.  But Buz does grin at Donna as he picks up the phone.  I guess that's just natural, but they've not said anything, so she doesn't exactly know who they are yet.

Buz then calls the emergency services, so she no doubt recognizes his voice. 

Donna asks why she couldn't do it.

Tod says "I read something once..."  Oh, of course you did.  He quotes from The Social Contract.  The quote is about capital punishment, and how we consent to die if we kill somebody, since we don't want to be killed by anybody else.  Tod skips that last bit so it sounds much nicer, more like killing is the event horizon beyond which one's humanity cannot be reclaimed. 

Annnd we're out.


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